Professional grade high-strength concentrated formula in a 5 litre bulk refill container. Designed to use less liquid and reduce overall costs. With antibacterial properties to help kill bacteria and germs on crockery, glassware and utensils. Leaves your washing up sparkling and hygienically clean. Ideal for catering, professional kitchens, offices and workplaces. Also suitable as a cost-effective alternative to traditional antibacterial washing up liquid. Simply dilute the concentrated formula and re-use existing dispenser bottles. Can be diluted up to 1:400 parts warm water before use.

  • Antibacterial Washing Up Liquid
  • High strength extra-thick formula
  • Bulk buy 5 litre refill container
  • Kills germs and bacteria on washing up
  • Fast acting on grease and grime
  • Ideal for workplace, catering & offices
  • Dilute 1:400 parts warm water before use

Additional information

Weight 11.70000000 kg
Dimensions 25.0 × 25.0 × 40.0 cm

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