As a company who offer a wide range of environmental, Biodegradable, compostable, soluble and bagasse range of products we are frequently asked about products which are better for our environment.

So what constitutes as ‘environmentally friendly?

Something that doesn’t adversely impact on the environment is the simplest answer. The problem is – just about everything we do impacts on the environment. From breathing to driving, eating to cleaning. So using less environmentally damaging products that can degrade quicker without putting too much demand on the eco system won’t save the planet. But if everybody started to make the effort it’s a significant start.

Yorkshire Hygiene Supplies Ltd endeavour to use, source and supply less harmful, less aggressive raw materials for a wide range of our customers. We accept that occasionally something more aggressive will be required. Our answer to this is that raw materials used should degrade quickly and easily which is done in the drainage system, it is also important that cleaning waste is never disposed of through a storm drain and only a sewage drain.

Our priority in supplying environmentally friendly products is for us to always look at whether there is also an alternative greener product that can do the job almost the same without compromising standards and efficiency. From catering plastics to compostable, bagasse or wood. From hazardous chemicals to enzyme based chemicals. From pre triggered solutions to powder sachets. The current market now means that for almost every product there is also a greener solution. Here at Yorkshire Hygiene Supplies ltd we make this our number 1 priority to find and source greener alternatives for almost all products we supply. Just because it’s green it doesn’t mean it is weak and you need twice as much or cost double what a normal product cost.

The next consideration is that it should be simple. We don’t believe our customers will want to stand on their heads or perform cart wheels so that the special ingredients can work. We want to continue with our lives knowing the small changes we make will impact on the environment in a positive way. Obviously there are occasions when an aggressive chemical will be the only solution to a problem, such as killing germs etc. As with any toxic substance consideration must be given to the amount used, the dilution rates and the ultimate disposal of a product.

So it’s simple if we can supply alternative environmentally less harmful products in place of more toxic chemicals, supply sugar based cane disposables instead of plastic/foam then we at Yorkshire Hygiene Supplies ltd have also made the first step in caring for our eco system.

What steps will you take?

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